On 5/23/2011, it was announced that Hillside Elementary School won the Chick-Fil-A Core Essentials Award for 2011. Hillside’s Character Education is a unique partnership between Hillside administration, teachers and PTA combining Positive Disciple, Classroom Guidance, Core Values, Special Events, Service Projects and Awards throughout the year. Our program has been structured to build character in our Huskies! This prestigious award was given to only 7 schools nationwide out of 800 that participate in the Chick-Fil-A character education program.

This program has been such a huge success because of the hard work, dedication and passion of Patti Blalock, Brenda Levin, Renee Corley and Sheila Sillitto. Thank you for all that each of you did this year!

Again this award demonstrates how Hillside is becoming the benchmark for great parent-administrator-teacher cooperation. We have unique programs that take lots of volunteer hours as well as detailed coordination with our teachers and administration. And our community is really taking notice!