Turns out Roswell Mayor Jere Wood is pretty smart, but not smarter than Hillside Elementary’s fifth grade class.

The class put their best egg cocoon building techniques to work and challenged Wood to a competition, seeing who could prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from one of the Roswell Fire Department’s Hook and Ladder trucks  during Science Day, Friday, Nov. 4.

The challenge included three drops: a 25-foot drop, a 50-foot drop and a 100-foot drop.

Though Wood’s egg survived the first 25-foot drop, it splattered at the bottom of the 50-foot drop, unlike half the student engineering teams, whose eggs survived the fall. The eggs of five student groups and Roswell City Council Member Rich Dippolito survived the final challenging drop of 100-feet.

The Egg Drop Experiment was part of Hillside’s annual school-wide Science Day. The day includes more than 40 different hands-on experiments for all grade levels.

Many city and school leaders, including Fulton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa, came to watch the fun. In addition to the engineering of egg-drop vessels from recycled materials, there were bottle rockets launched, catapult flings and laser target shooting.

Hillside’s Science Day is sponsored by Sawnee EMC’s Operation Roundup grant.