JOIN THE HUSKY PACK and support the Hillside PTA with the simplest fund raiser you’ll participate in… ever! We value your time and would like to give you the opportunity to join your fellow huskies in supporting our great school by participating in our membership drive, without all the hoopla. Please note, Hillside’s award-winning PTA programs cost approximately $75 per child. Please indicate how you’d like to join the pack of fellow huskies by choosing from the options below*… (*Please note, a basic PTA membership is available for $5.)

PTA Membership Levels

Platinum Level

I would like to choose my own amount (above $150) at which to support the Hillside PTA instead of planning a 5K or a fancy gala. Thank you for letting me stay home in my pajamas while still joining the pack.
Includes directory, car magnet and one hard cover yearbook – tax deductible donation of at least $112 write-in

Gold Level

I would much rather sponsor the Hillside PTA at this level than run my own booth at a carnival. Here’s the money I would’ve undoubtedly spent on that.
Includes directory, car magnet and one hard cover yearbook – tax deductible donation of $112 $150

Silver Level

Please take this money instead of asking me to pledge my child to run laps around the gym/school/playground. And thank you for not asking me to call all my family and friends to sponsor said kid, after I already didn’t call them to buy wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions.
Includes (2) PTA Memberships, directory and car magnet – tax deductible donation of $60 $75

Bronze Level

I would rather join the pack at this level than contact all of my family and friends asking them to purchase wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, candy or random food items that they don’t need, simply because they know us and think I have cute kids
Includes (1) PTA Membership and directory – tax deductible donation of $30 $35

Basic Membership

I really, really don’t want to bake (or buy cupcakes at the grocery store and pretend I baked them, let’s be real.) Here’s the money I would’ve spent on the ingredients
Covers cost of local, state & national dues – tax deductible.

Additional Items (if not included in above):

Student Directory ($5)

Must purchase PTA membership to purchase directory

Yearbook Hard Cover ($25)

($30 after November 1, 2016)

Family Portrait Session ($25)

Includes 11×14 Portrait